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Preventative Maintenance




Service Department Preventative Maintenance Procedures



Body  Clean all components and body exterior


Stage Assembly Clean Stage Adjust all backlash out of X & Y axis rack and pinion Insure proper                                     operation of stage and drive Degrease and re-lubricate, as required


Condenser Assembly  Disassemble, degrease and re-lubricate as needed Adjust rack and pinion Clean all lenses
Clean iris diaphragm 


Binocular /

Trinocular Heads  Clean eyepieces Re-lubricate adjustable eye tube as needed Adjust dovetails 


Optics   Disassemble system and clean all lenses Clean objective body and lenses (exterior only) Parfocalize and center objective lenses 


Illumination System  Clean collector lens Clean lamp house body 


Camera / Monitor Clean exterior lenses and monitor screen

Internal cleaning and repairs may require return to Manufacturer and are not covered) Align entire optical system


Alignment &

Functional Test: Align entire optical system

Align illumination system Align iris diaphragm
Final check instrument for prop operation 





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